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New Let's Learn/#ThinkDoMAKE resources added to our shop

Two new Let's Learn/#ThinkDoMAKE resources have been added to our shop. The learning covered in the resources includes materials, levers, mechanisms, forces and stresses, modelling and ratio

Our Let's Learn/#ThinkDoMAKE resources are designed to be used in the classroom straight away to deliver D&T theory content through a practical approach. They include teacher notes, learning resources and activity handouts, as well as a short focused practical task led by learning covered in the resource.

The resources aren't designed for any particular age group or time slot and can be used in a variety of different contexts and settings.

The resources might be used as a focused practical task, for retrieval activities, as a one off lesson or as a module of work, as revision activity or for an after school club, as an enterprise activity or STEM activity, or for an off timetable day. Although designed as an education resource some parts of the resource might also be of interest in a non education context e.g. the #ThinkDoMAKE activity.

Visit our shop to find out more about the resources or click on the links below.

Look out for the other resources in our shop with the title 'Let's Learn & #ThinkDoMAKE'



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