Mainly Metal

Distance Learning CPD designed for Textiles Specialists in schools


This resource contains editable digital downloads as well as a materials sample pack that is posted (free delivery).



Distance learning course equivalent to at least 8 hours of CPD that lets you learn at your own rate & at a time & place that suits you (exact number of hours depends on prior experience & what activities you choose to do). Resources are easily transferable for use in the classroom.


The course is designed for textiles specialists who feel less familiar & confident with learning on metals in the core content of the D&T GCSE & who are looking for ideas and activities that engage learners who have a particular interest in textiles. The course shows how learning on metals is relevant to textiles and has ideas and resources for creative, hands on activities.


The course Includes a wide range of electronic resources (most of which are editable), material samples participants can use for classroom displays and handling activities, as well as a selection of loose materials to enable you to get started on some of the practical activities immediately.


  • Content focuses on the KS3 D&T curriculum (England), as well as the core content for D&T GCSE (England), but content is likely to be relevant to other qualifications and contexts. 
  • Identifying key learning on metals & consider how this might be delivered in an engaging & creative way that engages students with a particular interest in textiles.
  • Show how metals are used in a textiles context by designers & manufacturers.
  • Experiment with a range of different metal materials, including traditional hard metal materials, as well as textiles based metal materials.
  • Reflect on how learning on metals might be tested in the D&T GCSE exam & consider how this can be embedded into practical activities.


We map our resources against the learning listed in our various curriculum planning documents some of which can be found on our Boyd Education website. 



  • Summary of key learning on metals in the KS3 Curriculum & D&T GCSE Core Content (across all specifications for England).
  • Wide range of handouts (most of which are editable) with activities that are suitable for classwork and homework. In particular, these sheets are designed to be used as part of a spaced and retrieval practice approach.
  • Information on metals used in a textiles context, including references and research activities on designers and manufacturers who use metal in a textiles context in the real world. 
  • Wide range of experimental practical activities suitable for the classroom that help students understand the relevance of learning on metals. This makes up a significant part of the resource.
  • Materials that enable the participant to start experimenting with ideas straight away (allow time for delivery of samples by post).
  • Metals ‘ mini materials pack’ - 10 small samples of metal materials (cast iron, galvanised mild steel, stainless steel, high carbon steel, high speed steel, aluminium, copper, pewter, brass, zinc plated steel). Sample sizes vary but most are a maximum of 2cm. These samples match the metals covered in the electronic resources. 10 loose manilla tags are also included to give the option to display the samples  in a format that matches the textiles samples.
  • 14 samples of metals used in textiles displayed on manilla tags. These samples match materials referred to in the electronic resources. Approximate size of material pieces are 3.5cm x 7cm and yarns approximately 30cm (tags 4.5cm x 9.5cm). 
  • Various loose metal material samples to enable you to start experimenting straight away. These are bagged up to match a selection of the activities mentioned in the resource. 
  • Pair of copper infused socks to add to your product handling box.
  • Instructions for three practical activity outcomes, including information on links to learning (materials are not provided for these). 
  • Colours and types of materials and samples may be different to those shown in the images.
  • No specialist equipment for working with metals is needed to carry out the activities, although access to standard textiles equipment is advised e.g. sewing machine.
  • Materials are posted usually on the day of the order but please allow 3-5 working days for delivery. 



  • This resource doesn't include a scheme of learning but provides resources & ideas that support participants to develop their own curriculum plan. 
  • The electronic files are sent to you as downloads & the materials samples are sent through the post so allow time for delivery. 
  • If you attended our online course called 'Supporting Textiles Specialists to Deliver D&T GCSE Core Content' you will have been given a discount code so you can buy the 'Mainly Metal' distance learning course with a 50% reduction. Enter this code into the 'discount code' section at the checkout or include it on your purchase order.   


If you are interested in this resource you might also like the book in our shop titled 'This Lustr'ed Cloth: A Fibre Artist's Workbook of Metals' which includes a range of activities using metals in textiles. 



The download is a Zip file consisting of Word and PowerPoint documents (Word & PowerPoint are needed to edit documents). The large file size may not be suitable for downloading to some mobile devices. 


File is for personal use & can't be reproduced, used or sold commercially (including resources developed from the original).



  • Hands on, lots of ideas, all clearly explained, directly relates to textiles, very empowering & confidence boosting. 
  • My head is buzzing with ideas & I feel much better equipped to develop our curriculum offer. 
  • Lots of hands on practical tasks that you can use in your classroom & fab resources. 
  • Great range of resources & ideas - the resources are excellent with clear links to the curriculum. 



Mainly Metal (Distance Learning CPD for Textiles Specialists in Schools)

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