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Courses are run by Paul & Julie Boyd as part of Boyd Education

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Curriculum Planning 20/6/24

Planning & Auditing Your D&T Curriculum

  • 175 British pounds
  • 20/6/24: 3.45-5.45pm Online via Zoom (+ self directed activities)

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Blended learning course led by Paul & Julie Boyd with 2 hour live online session, plus at least 4 hours self directed learning activities. This course is also available in two other formats: * As a 'Train Your Team' version to study at your own pace (see 'Train Your Team' menu on home page) * As a bespoke course in your school (online or one day face to face) - contact us for details OUTCOMES * Explore tools for auditing a KS3 & D&T GCSE curriculum * Consider the principles for sequencing a high quality D&T curriculum * Identify key learning priorities for a D&T curriculum * Reflect on your curriculum planning & consider other approaches and ideas * Identify a self directed study programme that develops a curriculum over time CONTENT * Introduce audit tools for the KS3 & D&T GCSE curriculum (England) * Creating a curriculum with sequence and progression across the key stages * Consider how KS2 prior learning influences KS3 planning * Consider how KS3 & D&T GCSE create a strong base for A level learning * Identify a genuine D&T experience & create a curriculum with a clear D&T focus * Identify key learning priorities for D&T & create a curriculum driven by learning * Create a curriculum vision & consider what this looks like in the classroom * Build spaced & retrieval practice into a curriculum plan * Mapping levels of difficulty & building assessment tools into curriculum planning * Develop a broader materials approach to delivering D&T * Online session includes hands on activities (resource pack posted to participants) The online session introduces the main ideas & the self directed activities enable participants to create a personalised CPD programme focused on applying ideas to their own curriculum Resources include audit tools, small material sample pack, self directed learning programme, resources to support teaching, learning and planning IMPORTANT PLEASE READ * Course fee pays for one person to attend the live online session * Online session is held on Zoom & participants contribute via audio or video * Focus is on KS3 & D&T GCSE (England) * KS3 Cooking & nutrition & GCSE FPN aren't included * NEA content not included A 'one size fits all' curriculum model, schemes of learning & projects are not provided. Some activities are included in the self directed activities to illustrate ideas discussed See home page for T&Cs

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