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Courses are run by Paul & Julie Boyd as part of Boyd Education

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D&T: Delivering Learning

Strategies & Ideas for Delivering Learning in D&T

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CURRENTLY ONLY AVAILABLE FOR DELIVERY ONLINE OR FACE TO FACE TO INDIVIDUAL DEPARTMENTS - CONTACT US FOR MORE DETAILS Course is particularly suitable for anyone teaching outside of their specialism e.g. elements of the D&T GCSE core content, as well as for non specialists OUTCOME * Identify strategies & ideas for delivering learning for KS3 & the core content of the D&T GCSE * Develop simple practical activities which deliver learning in a hands on way * Develop a curriculum from KS3 & GCSE curriculum that embraces a broader materials approach * Increase confidence in delivering learning some teachers say they feel less familiar with CONTENT * Brief overview of learning for KS3 & D&T GCSE (England) * Content particularly focuses on delivering elements of learning for materials (metals, timber, polymers, paper and board and textiles), electronics, levers & mechanisms & forces & stresses * Content supports a multi materials approach to D&T whilst being mindful of the uniqueness of individual material specialisms * Focus on activities led by learning rather a project outcome led approach * Includes lots of ideas for simple hands on activities that deliver learning in an engaging way * Content is suitable for all specifications * Available as an online or face to face session. Both types of session include hands on activities (resource pack posted for online courses) IMPORTANT * Online session is held on Zoom & participants contribute via audio or video * Focus is on KS3 & D&T GCSE for England (some content may be relevant to other routes) * References to the NEA are limited to how ideas link to creativity & innovation * A 'one size fits all' curriculum model & schemes of learning are not provided but resources and course content support teams to develop their own See bottom of home page for T&Cs, including cancellations

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