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Using an Overlocker

Tutorials to help you get started when learning how to use an overlocker

What is an overlocker?

An overlocker is a specialist sewing machine (also known as a serger) that stitches a row of straight stitches and a row of edge neatening stitches at the same time, whilst also cutting the raw edges off the fabric edge. It can be used for both neatening edges as well as for joining materials. Many overlockers also have other functions and stitches.

An overlocker is commonly used in industry to join and neaten materials. It gives a professional neat finish whilst also saving time.

An overlocker has several blades that cut the material so risk assessments must be done and precautions followed. 

Threading an overlocker

The instructions in the video are for a Husqvarna overlocker but many overlockers follow similar rules. 

Visit the Sewing Mastery website and search for 'overlocker' or 'serger' for information on a range of Bernina, Singer, Husqvarna Viking and Pfaff overlockers, including information on threading.

Sewing with an overlocker

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