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These activities are designed for anyone interested in designing and making.

Some activities are also mapped against D&T learning & might also be suitable for use in a D&T classroom. 

For activity ideas designed for school which are already mapped against learning click here 

Other Useful Links & Ideas

  • Range of practical design challenges by The James Dyson Foundation, some of which use materials that might be found around the home (includes spaghetti bridge, cardboard chair, non newtonian fluid, geodesic domes, electric motor and more

  • STEM practical challenges from the Smallpiece Trust using materials that might be available at home (includes prosthetic hand, rocket launcher, rubber band car, marble run and others)

  • Create 3D models and electronic circuits using Tinkercad

weaving loom.jpg

Group weaving activity by students at Lady Margaret School in London (teacher Tamsin Mitchell)

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