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Textiles Skills: Levels of Challenge 

The table is designed for use in schools to help students and teachers identify appropriate techniques.


It might be useful when students are designing their non exam assessment to ensure what they design and make has an appropriate level of challenge for the grade being targeted. Levels of challenge are a suggestion only and are for guidance purposes. Note, a technique will also need to be executed to a high standard in order for it to be assessed at a high grade.

The table shows the classifications of different practical skills in textiles as well as the level of challenge. Note that not all textiles techniques are included in the table and the list should be used as a guide only. There are lots of different versions of some techniques so some sections could be categorized even further e.g. different types of zips.

This sheet mainly refers to textiles techniques but the final section includes equipment and techniques not traditionally linked to textiles but which are now being increasingly used in a textiles context, particularly with the broader materials focus of the D&T GCSE.

Textiles practical skills.png

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