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Levers & Mechanisms in a Sewing Machine

Examples of types of levers and mechanisms in a sewing machine

These short videos give examples of levers and mechanisms used in a sewing machine. Our PowerPoint resource 'Levers & Mechanisms in a Sewing Machine' gives more detailed information on each of the videos, along with activities that might be used to introduce levers and mechanisms using a textiles focus. 

Our #ThinkDoMAKE activities 003 and 004 also include learning on levers and mechanisms (including activities). A free resource is also available which focuses on levers and mechanisms in a more general context. 

sewing machine levers mechanisms.jpg

Types of motion

Circular motion (balance wheel)

Linear & reciprocating motion
(fabric moving & needle moving up & down)

Oscillating motion (race area that holds the bobbin case)

Levers & mechanisms

1st class lever (presser foot lever)

Bell crank (part of a series of linkages that moves
the needle up & down)

Rack & pinion (stitch selector)

Belt & pulleys 

Simple gear train (part of stitch selector)

Cams & follwers (changing the stitch)

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