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004 Let's Learn & #ThinkDoMAKE (digital resource)

Let's Learn focus:  Metals, forces & stresses, levers & mechanisms, ratios

#ThinkDoMAKE activity:  Desktop fan


Digital resource designed for use in schools. This is an editable digital download resource. 



  • This resource is designed for use in schools as part of D&T curriculum but it may also be suitable for other curriculum areas, as well as to anyone interested in designing and making generally. 
  • The resource is a mix of teacher notes and information and activity handouts that are ready to be used in the classroom straight away. 
  • The resource is designed to be used to deliver D&T theory content through a practical approach and includes learning resources and activities, as well as a short practical activity led by the learning covered in the resource.  
  • The resource is not set out as a scheme of learning but includes information that can be used as a starting point for teachers to produce their own scheme. 
  • The resource is not designed for any particular age group or time slot as this will depend on what elements of the resource are used and how it is delivered. It aims to offer flexible starting points for different contexts e.g. focused practical task, retrieval activities, one off lesson, module of work, revision activity, after school club, enterprise activity, off timetable day. 
  • The resource includes a number of handouts that can be used for classroom or homework activities, as well as handouts designed to be used for low stakes retrieval practice on learning covered in the resource. 



This resource has been planned with learning in mind and this leads the learning journey in the resource. 


Below are examples of potential learning covered in this resource. Actual learning covered will depend on how the resource is delivered & how the teacher develops and personalises the resource content. Not all learning listed below is covered in detail in the resource but it's been planned with the potential for this broader learning to be introduced.

  • Comparing types of metal e.g. mild steel, aluminium 

  • Ferrous & non ferrous metals e.g. properties, sources, uses

  • Finishes e.g. hardened or tempered metal, polishing, decorative finishes

  • Levers, mechanisms, forces and stresses e.g. levers used in the equipment, compression, bending, shearing when cutting and shaping the metal

  • Making e.g. selecting & using materials & techniques, pillar drill, metal punch, tin snips

  • Maths e.g. costings, measurements, angles, ratios

Suggestions on how the resource might be developed further to include other learning is also included. 


We map our resources against the learning listed in our various curriculum planning documents some of which can be downloaded here. See our other resources to support curriculum planning



  • This resource has been planned with learning as the starting point and the example outcome is the result of this learning journey. 
  • The example outcome is a desktop fan made from mild steel or aluminium. The resource could be developed to use a variety of other materials e.g. timber, cardboard.

  • The example outcome requires no previous making skills but teachers should consider what activities might lead up to the focused practical task e.g. the ability to mark out and accurately create centre pushed marks and drill the holes for the screws a pillar drill.


This resource is one of the activities included in the Train Your Team CPD 'Planning & Auditing Your D&T Curriculum'.



The download is an editable PowerPoint document and PowerPoint is needed to be able to read & edit the resource. Templates for the desktop fan are provided in a file suitable for the laser cutter as well as in PDF format for manual use. The large file size for the resource pack may not be suitable for downloading to some mobile devices. 


File is for personal use & can't be reproduced, used or sold commercially (including resources developed from the original)



004 Let's Learn (see details) & #ThinkDoMAKE (desktop fan)

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