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Looking for CPD to do at your own pace?

We're developing a range of CPD resources called 'Train Your Team' that can be studied at a pace and time that suits you. These resources are preprepared and ready to be used straight away as a CPD tool. They can be used by individuals wanting to develop their own knowledge and skills, as team training, or as part of a department meeting to prompt discussion.

The first 'Train Your Team CPD to be released is titled 'Broader Materials Thinking in D&T'. This resource aims to challenge stereotyped thinking around materials and their uses.

The resource content includes different ways of thinking about a broader materials approach in a D&T classroom, examples of how materials are combined in everyday products, challenging perceptions of materials and their uses and thinking differently about materials. The course references woods, metals, polymers, paper and board and textiles.

Physical material samples relevant to the course content are included with the digital resources (samples are posted to the person making the online order).



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