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Curriculum Planning Resources

Several resources on curriculum planning have been added to our website, including a number of short resources plus a longer 'Train Your Team' CPD resource suitable for both teams and individuals to learn at their own pace.

Curriculum Audit Tools

These digital resources are simple audit tools that can be used to review the curriculum for key stages 1, 2 and 3, as well as the D&T GCSE. They strip back learning to the basics and provide a broad overview through learning statements based on the national curriculum programme of study and the D&T GCSE DfE subject content document.

Visit the curriculum section of our shop and look for the 'Curriculum Audit Tools' documents.

Curriculum Cards

The curriculum card resources use the same learning statements used in the curriculum audit tools mentioned above, but the statements are in a card format which makes them useful for interactive activities. The cards are designed to be used by individuals or teams as a hands-on way of generating discussion about learning and the curriculum. The cards can be moved around as part of an audit or discussion, placed next to work as a review tool, or displayed to create a visual learning journey. The cards can also be mapped with other audit cards to help departments consider how learning might sequence across key stages. The resources consist of both a digital copy of the curriculum cards, as well as a hard copy printed onto paper which are ready to use. Cards are available for KS1, 2, 3 and the D&T GCSE.

Visit the curriculum section of our shop and look for the 'Curriculum Cards' documents.

Train Your Team CPD - Planning & Auditing Your D&T Curriculum

This is a self-directed study CPD that is suitable for both teams and individuals to use to learn at their own pace. It is made up of a series of ready-made presentations and supporting resources that can be used as they are or which can be adapted. When used together the resources are equivalent to at least a one day training session, but as they are broken into a number of short modules they could also be used across a number of short sessions. The resource includes all of the shorter resources mentioned on this page along with lots of others.

Visit the 'Train Your Team CPD' section of our shop and look for the 'Planning & Auditing Your Curriculum' resource.

To see all curriculum planning resources visit the curriculum section of our shop.


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