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For Textiles Specialists: D&T GCSE Core Content Support

A new 'Train Your Team' CPD resource has been added to the website focusing on supporting textiles specialists to deliver the D&T GCSE core content.

The resource provides pre-prepared CPD with everything needed to train a team or to prompt discussion in a department meeting. It is also ideal for individuals who are looking for CPD to follow at their own pace.

The CPD is designed to be equivalent to a one day face to face training course, although depending on how it is studied and how many activities are carried out the study time could be longer than this.

As well as a wide range of digital resources (most of which are also suitable for use in the classroom) the resource includes material samples plus a set of loose materials that can be used to get started on some of the hands on activities straight away.

The resource is available in 4 versions:

Version 1 - the full resource with both the digital resources and material samples.

Version 2 - just the digital resources (this helps reduce the resource cost and the digital resource lists possible sources so materials can be purchase as needed)

Version 3 - just the material samples (ideal for those looking for extra material packs)

Version 4 - live online session which includes the digital resources and materials plus some additional content. This version is only available at limited times of the year. Visit the CPD page and search for the course name to see the latest dates.

See the other 'Train Your Team' CPD sessions that can be studied at your own pace.


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