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New Free #ThinkDo & TechDoodle PowerPoints

As part of the changes we’re making to our websites we’ve added 4 new FREE #ThinkDo and TechDoodle PowerPoint resources (totalling 130 resource slides). These focus on materials (includes all material classifications), electronics, smart & modern materials and textiles manufacturing. These resources have previously been shared but only as individual handouts. They are now grouped together into PowerPoints on key learning areas which should make it easier to find the ones you need when lesson planning.

We provide these resources and many others for free. They do, however, take a lot of work and time, especially as all the images are our own and it’s just Paul and me doing all the work rather than a big business. If you download any of our free resources (especially if you download lots of them) please consider ‘buying us a coffee’ (or contributing something no matter how small) as it helps us continue to provide some resources for free.


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