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Universal Design Resources

As part of the ongoing changes to our websites we're working on a series of new FREE PowerPoint resources based on some of the videos and web links on our website.

Over the years we've collated a lot of good YouTube videos to support different learning areas, along with links to relevant websites, to help teachers find useful research sources quickly and easily. By their nature these resources are likely to be engaged with in a 'watch and read' passive way so we wanted to make these more 'classroom ready' in a format where they are more interactive and encourage students to develop their research and analytical skills and to inform their own designing and making.

The first resource to be released is part of a series of resources focused on design contexts. Other resources in the series will look at specific contexts e.g. health and wellbeing, but the theme for the first resource is more generic relating to identifying design problems, users and needs, design thinking and universal design. Each slide has a ‘big question’ to provide a specific focus as well as video links, information on the videos, a weblink for further research and a question linked to each video. There are also a set of additional questions based on the big question, some of which are more challenging. The resource may be most suitable for older students due to the amount of reading and the level of challenge of some of the questions.

There is also a paid for resource titled 'Product Analysis: Universal Design Principles' that might be useful to use alongside the free resource. This has 20 slides each with images of different products designed with universal design in mind, and includes a structured writing frame.

Find out more about the free Design Contexts: Universal Design resource.

Find out more about the Product Analysis: Universal Design Principles resource.


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