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Supporting Textiles Specialists to Deliver D&T GCSE Core Content (Train Your Team CPD)

Everything needed to train your team. Also suitable for individuals. 


This version of the resource includes digital resources only & does not include material samples or loose materials.


Pre-prepared CPD with everything needed to train your team or prompt discussion in department meetings. Can also be used by individuals looking for CPD to follow at their own pace.


This resource contains editable digital downloads.



  • Challenging stereotypes on how materials are classified & used
  • Identifying activities that can be used to deliver learning on materials in a way that engages students with an interest in textiles and which increases opportunities for creativity and innovation
  • Considering how learning that is less familiar to some textiles specialist teachers can be delivered in a way that is relevant to students with a particular interest in textiles e.g. levers & mechanisms and electronics
  • Develop classroom strategies that celebrate the unique traditions & creativity of textiles whilst also embracing new materials & ideas



  • This course is made up of 9 separate episodes each of which has a PowerPoint presentation and supporting resources which can be used to deliver training as it is or it can be adapted (each episode is also suitable for individuals to use as personal CPD).
  • When delivered together the episodes are equivalent to at least a one day CPD course. They can also be delivered separately or as several episodes together to support development over time and to make CPD more manageable. 
  • A suggested structure for delivering the content is included with suggestions on activities, along with additional details and notes to support the content of each slide.
  • Classroom resources are provided to support delivery of content in the classroom.
  • The course targets the D&T GCSE core content but is also suitable for anyone looking for ideas for KS3. 
  • Note: The digital resources refer to the material samples and loose materials used in the hands on activities. These are not included in the digital only version of this resource but suggestions are included in the resource where materials for activities can be sourced (sources are suggestions and not recommendations). A version of the resource that includes both digital resources and materials can be purchased and the materials can also be purchased on their own.



  •  Brief overview of learning in the D&T GCSE (England)

  •  Identify core content learning that textiles specialists may be less familiar with

  • Creative activities that bring core content learning to life in a way that's relevant to textiles

  • Particular focus on learning on non textiles materials, as well as levers/mechanisms & electronics

  • Using a broader materials approach to support creativity & innovation in textiles

  • Approach that celebrates traditions & creativity of textiles whilst embracing new ideas 

  • Content is suitable for all specifications & is also relevant to KS3

  • Challenge perceptions & stereotypes about what textiles is & raise its profile

  • Reinvigorate teaching & create a buzz about textiles in D&T GCSE 

  • Thinking differently & considering new ideas & approaches

  • Range of hands on activities that deliver learning with supporting classroom resources, including short practical activities as well as  4 focused practical task activities.
  • The CPD doesn't include formal schemes of learning as these will vary from school to school depending on a variety of variables. It provides the digital resources for teams and individuals to start to develop and personalise their curriculum.



  • Can be used by teams or individuals as part of a formal training session or more informally to prompt discussions in department meetings.
  • Suitable for textiles specialists looking for support with GCSE core content learning they may feel less confident with.
  • Content may also suitable for use by non-specialists who have an interest in engaging students with a particular interest in textiles in the broader materials content of the D&T GCSE core content. 


Note that this resource is included in the resources for the live online course we run with the same name. Bear this in mind if you book the live online version of this CPD. The live online session includes a presentation which picks up on key elements from this self-directed CPD, along with hands-on participant activities, materials samples, & additional supporting resources.



  • Editable PowerPoint presentations with suggested delivery notes, discussion points, plus simple reflection and action plan tools that can be used at the end of the CPD.
  • Variety of audit tools and other resources to support the PowerPoint presentations (including our D&T Keywords & Concepts resource).
  • Editable electronic classroom resources for several focused practical tasks that can be used immediately and which support the content of the CPD. 



The electronic files are sent as downloads to the person placing the order. 



The download is a Zip file consisting of PowerPoint, Word and Excel documents (PowerPoint, Word and Excel are needed to edit documents). The large file size may not be suitable for downloading to some mobile devices. 


File is for personal use & can't be reproduced, used or sold commercially (including resources developed from the original).



Supporting Textiles Specialists (GCSE Core)-Train Your Team/Individuals

  • Note that this version of the resource contains digital resources only. A version that includes supporting material samples can also be purchased. 
  • You'll be emailed the link to download your resource after payment (usually within a few minutes). Check your junk mail if you don’t receive it.
  • If you choose the purchase order option at the checkout it takes a little longer to process your order. You'll be sent an invoice along with the link once your purchase order has been processed. 
  • It's essential the resource is downloaded within 30 days of purchase.