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29 FREE #ThinkDo thinking points

On our Instagram page we regularly share our #ThinkDo resources which include images and thinking points to get students thinking about D&T.

We have now set up a new page on this website called '#ThinkDo' to make these resources more accessible to people who don't use Instagram. This will also make it easier to download the images. Note that images and text are for personal use only. Visit the new #ThinkDo resources page.

Twenty nine of the most recent images and thinking points have been uploaded to our new #ThinkDo page on the website and more resources will be added in the future.

Don't forget there are also a variety of #ThinkDo resources available in PowerPoint format which can be downloaded for free from our shop. These are already presented in a format that is ready to use in the classroom.

Visit the new #ThinkDo resources page.

Follow our Instagram page to see #ThinkDo updates as they are published.



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