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Learning How to Use a Sewing Machine

A new section has been added to the Tutorials page of our BoydCreate website. This section has tutorials for learning the basics of using a sewing machine, overlocker and embellisher machine.

The tutorial includes a number of videos, as well as free to download resources that can be used in a classroom.

Another free resource that's been added to the website is a textiles skills levels of challenge table. This is designed for use in schools to help students and teachers identify appropriate techniques.

It might be useful when students are designing their non exam assessment to ensure what they design and make has an appropriate level of challenge for the grade being targeted.

The table shows the classifications of different practical skills in textiles as well as the level of challenge.

There are also some new paid for resources on creating seams using a sewing machine and an overlocker and these resources might be useful activities to develop both machine skills as well as techniques for joining textile materials. These resources include an editable PowerPoint resource with instructions in both handout form and as short videos. A set of 24 ready made samples can also be purchased showing a selection of finished seams. These might be useful for display or as a handling kit for evaluating what seams might be most suitable to use for different products and materials.


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