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Looking for Activity Ideas for the Classroom?

A new section has been added to the 'Tutorials' section on our BoydCreate website titled 'Inspiration for Activities'. Activities are designed to be a starting point for ideas, with some focusing on experimental work and prototyping and others on outcomes. At the moment there are 2 activity idea sections and other ideas will be added over time.

One of the activity pages has ideas for working with Tyvek, a polyethylene material that

comes in different weights and which is used for a range of applications including breathable membranes in buildings, packaging materials and protective clothing.

Tyvek is often compared to paper and board as its appearance can be made very similar but it is much stronger, including being difficult to tear. Other weights of Tyvek are similar to a textile material and although it has a non-woven construction it is very strong with natural antibacterial properties.

The second activity page has instructions on making a light made from 3D printed panels. The light combines 3D printing materials with a polyester textile using the thermoforming properties of the materials to join them together.

Keep an eye on the 'Tutorials' section of the website for new ideas being added


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