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Broader Materials Thinking in D&T (Train Your Team CPD)

Everything needed to train your team. Also suitable for individuals. 


This is the full version of the resource and includes both digital resources & material samples and loose materials.


Pre-prepared short course CPD with everything needed to train your team or prompt discussion in department meetings. Can also be used by individuals looking for CPD to follow at their own pace.


This resource contains editable digital downloads as well as a materials sample pack that is posted (free delivery).



  • Thinking differently about materials in D&T
  • Developing a broader materials approach to the D&T curriculum
  • Considering how we use a range of multi material products every day
  • Challenging traditional thinking about how materials are used and classified



  • The focus of this CPD short course is on broader thinking about materials in D&T with the aim of challenging stereotyped thinking around materials and their uses.
  • The main PowerPoint presentation provides a suggested structure for the course with additional guidance included in the notes section under each slide.
  • Content includes different ways of thinking about a broader materials approach in a D&T classroom, examples of how materials are combined in everyday products, challenging perceptions of materials and their uses and thinking differently about materials.  
  • Classroom resources are provided to support delivery of content in the classroom.
  • Material samples relevant to the course content and resources are posted to the person making the online order. 
  • The course references woods, metals, polymers, paper and board and textiles. Note the resource doesn’t go into detail on each material and considers them in a broader sense. For extra detail use the course resources with our free resources on woods, metals, polymers, paper and board and textiles which can be downloaded from the ‘Free Resources for Schools’ folder (look in the ‘Materials & Components’ section for the different D&T materials). 


We map our resources against the learning listed in our various curriculum planning documents some of which can be downloaded here.  



  • Suitable for use with non specialists as well as specialists reflecting on their practice.
  • Designed to be used by as part of a formal training session or more informally to prompt discussions in department meetings.
  • The resource can also be used by individuals to support their personal development.
  •  The resources provide everything needed for a 2 hour CPD session (timing is approximate and actual timing depends on how resources are presented and used).
  • The short course approach makes professional development more manageable and allows for ideas to be tested in the classroom straight away. 
  • The CPD focuses on materials relevant to the D&T KS3 attainment target and D&T GCSE. Content may also be relevant to other D&T routes and qualifications.
  • This short course can be combined with our other range of short courses to create a programme of CPD 



  • Editable PowerPoint presentation with suggested delivery notes, discussion points, plus a simple reflection and action plan tool that can be used at the end of the CPD.
  • Editable electronic classroom resources that can be used immediately and which support the content of the CPD. 
  • 30 material samples with suggested activities for carrying out during the CPD (including activities that are also suitable for the classroom). Some material samples are attached to manilla tags and others are loose. The material samples are posted when the resource is purchased to the person making the order and may take several days to arrive. If you would like to purchase additional materials packs without the digital resources email
  • Resources to support the use of the materials samples in the classroom
  • Colours and types of materials and samples may be different to those shown in the images.
  • Materials are posted usually on the day of the order but please allow 3-5 working days for delivery. 



  • The electronic files are sent as downloads to the person placing the order. Materials samples are also posted to the person placing the order.  



The download is a Zip file consisting of PowerPoint documents (PowerPoint is needed to edit documents). The large file size may not be suitable for downloading to some mobile devices. 


File is for personal use & can't be reproduced, used or sold commercially (including resources developed from the original).



Broader Materials Thinking in D&T - Train Your Team CPD (or for individuals)

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  • It's essential the resource is downloaded within 30 days of purchase. 
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