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This resources consists of a number of different resources that might support curriculum planning in D&T. It is not a finished scheme of learning and does not include projects. Instead it supports a department to be able to create a 5 year curriculum plan based on learning that has sequence and progression across the key stages (and into A level if appropriate). 

  • Auditing and mapping tool based on the KS3 national curriculum programme of study plus several other documents. These documents have been summarised into a checklist that identifies key learning that might be considered when planning KS3. The document is provided as a PDF checklist as well as an editable Excel tracker.
  • Auditing and mapping tool based on the DfE subject content document for D&T GCSE. This document strips back learning to key priorities making it an easier way to start considering the curriculum at GCSE rather than starting with the very detailed exam board specifications. The document is provided as a PDF checklist as well as an editable Excel tracker.
  • Auditing and mapping tool for the DfE A level D&T subject content. Like the GCSE document this strips back learning  making it easier to see key priorities. The document is provided as a PDF checklist but note that there is no editable Excel tracker for this document. 
  • Editable Excel tracker documents for the AQA, Edexcel, Eduqas and OCR D&T GCSE specifications. The trackers list the learning statements for each of the specifications making it easier to track what has been covered. The tracker sheets can also be used to track how learning has informed KS3 curriculum planning in order to show how sequence and progression has been built into the curriculum. 
  • 10 key learning areas in D&T documents. This outlines Boyd Education's approach to curriculum planning with learning split into 10 key learning priority areas.  The learning statements from the exam board specifications have been mapped against these 10 key priority areas. This is useful where a spaced and retrieval practice approach is being used. It is also useful as a document for comparing the learning content across each exam board. The resource is provided as a PDF document (which includes information for all exam boards) and as 4 separate editable Word documents with only the content for each individual exam board. 


These resources are included in some of our CPD courses where their use is outlined in some detail but these resources might still be of use to departments even if the course is not attended.  



The download is a Zip file that consists of PDF documents as well as some editable documents (Word and Excel are required to read and edit these documents). The large file size may not be suitable for downloading to some mobile devices. 


File is for personal use & can't be reproduced, used or sold commercially (including resources developed from the original).




Curriculum Planning & Auditing Tools (digital resource for schools)

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