Metals, Timber & Polymers (30 material samples & digital resources)

Designed for use in schools


This resource consists of an editable digtial download as well as a material sample packs that are posted (free delivery).



The resource consists of 3 mini material sample packs totalling 30 samples, most of which are stored in small cotton drawstring bags:

  • Metals: 10 small samples of metal materials (cast iron, galvanised mild steel, stainless steel, high carbon steel, high speed steel, aluminium, copper, pewter, brass, zinc plated steel). Sample sizes vary but most are a maximum of 2cm.
  • Timber: 13 small samples of timber (oak, birch, teak, ash, beech, mahogany, maple, pine, cedar, spruce, larch, MDF, plywood). Sample sizes vary but are around 1 - 2 cm depending on the sample. 
  • Polymers: 7 small samples of polymers (polypropylene, HDPE, ABS, PVC, Acyrlic, PET, silicone. Samples sizes vary and the smallest are around 2cm. 
  • The samples match the materials covered in the electronic resources, although note not every material in the digital resource has an accompanying sample (balsa, chipboard, tin, LDPE, HIPS, epoxy resin, melamine formaldeyhyde, phenol formaldeyhyde, polyester resin and urea formaldeyhyde are covered in the digital resources but have no material sample). 
  • Materials are posted usually on the day of the order but please allow 3-5 working days for delivery. 
  • Colours and shapes may be different to those shown in the images.
  • There are 2 digital resources, one which includes suggested formats on several activities that can be carried out with the samples. This includes 42 revision cards for both the samples materials and the materials listed above which have no accompanying sample. The second digital resource has 46#ThinkDo cards on materials in the resource. 
  • The resources don't include outlines of key knowledge for each material but these can be downloaded for free from the BoydCreate shop - look for the resources titled ‘D&T GCSE core key learning & retrieval activities’ along with the name of each material.
  • Additional packs of materials can also be purchased without the digital resources. For those wanting to source their own extra samples the digital resource includes search terms that can be used to find items online (links to suppliers aren't included as items are easy to source using the search terms provided). 
  • The resource includes a blindfold material analysis activity and a set of 10 blindfolds can be purchased from our shop
  • This is one of the resources that is included with the 'Supporting Textiles Specialists to Deliver D&T GCSE Core Content' course. 
  • Our resources are mapped against the learning listed in our various curriculum planning documents some of which can be found on our Boyd Education website.


The electronic files are sent to you as downloads & the materials samples are sent through the post so allow time for delivery.



The download consists of 2 PowerPoint documents and PowerPoint is needed to read and edit the files. The large file size may not be suitable for downloading to some mobile devices. 


File is for personal use & can't be reproduced, used or sold commercially (including resources developed from the original).



Metals, Timber & Polymers (30 material samples & digital resources)

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