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Curriculum Cards D&T GCSE (printed hard copies & digital resources)

Designed for use in schools


This resource consists of a digital download audit tool, along with a ready-to-use hard copy of the tool (posted with free delivery).



This resource consists of interactive curriculum cards that might be used to support planning and auditing activities for D&T GCSE.


There are 77 learning statements on the curriculum cards based on the DfE Subject Content document for design and technology. This is the document all awarding bodies had to use to write their specifications. Using this tool as a starting point for auditing or planning a curriculum (i.e. rather than the GCSE specifications) helps strip back the process and make it more manageable.  


The learning statements on the curriculum cards are also available in a checklist format. Find out more about the resource in a checklist format.


The digital version of this resource is included in the Train Your Team CPD 'Planning & Auditing Your D&T Curriculum'.


Digital resource

The digital resource consists of a PDF document which can be printed out and cut up by the user to create their own cards. If using the cards with other sets of audit cards for other key stages (these can also be purchased from the website) it is recommended the resource is printed onto paper that is a different colour to other audits to help identify which learning statements relate to the D&T GCSE. The download is available immediately.


Hard copy resources

The hard copy of the cards is printed onto white paper and sections of text are printed in different colours to identify different elements of the learning. The cards are cut up so they are ready-to-use immediately. Each card is approximately 5cm x 7cm. The hard copy is posted to the person and address listed with the original order unless other instructions are given at the checkout (please allow several days for delivery).


Using the cards

The curriculum cards are designed to be used by individuals or teams as a hands-on way of generating discussion about learning and the curriculum. The cards can be moved around as part of an audit or discussion, placed next to work as a review tool, or displayed to create a visual learning journey. The cards can also be mapped with other audit cards to help departments consider how learning might sequence across key stages (see the website for other audit cards).


The resource does not include a scheme of learning and does not include projects. It provides a stripped back framework that can be used by departments to start to audit their curriculum.


This resource is included in some of our CPD courses where it is discussed in detail and other supporting resources are provided.


The electronic files are sent to you as downloads & the hard copies of the cards are sent through the post so allow time for delivery.



The download consists of a PDF documents that can't be edited. The file may not be suitable for downloading to some mobile devices. 


File is for personal use & can't be reproduced, used or sold commercially (including resources developed from the original).



Curriculum Cards D&T GCSE (printed hard copies & digital resource)

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